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Gibb Challenge 2012 – Support Vehicle signage

By on May 14, 2012

oh my word Jamal, you are amazing! check this out guys

Manamorphosis – Geek to freak

By on May 10, 2012

ok, it’s about to happen guys. just 2 weeks until Leighton and I fly up to Broome to ride the Gibb Challenge.

We are looking for individual and corporate sponsors to support this mammoth logistical and anatomically challenging expedition. If any of my loyal loyal sponsors from last year are interested, please get in contact with me.

Downhill to the Pentecost River
Wow, check out the landscape

We have a huge fuel bill and flights to cover and so far it looks like it is coming out of my swiftly depleting back pocket. I have been running around like a headless chook and completely forgotten to shake the proverbial money tin in front of your noses. So here goes, please support us in any way you can. the 2 charities we are supporting are the Ryan Marron Foundation and Food Water Shelter these are very worthy causes and i hope you can all dig deep.

Stay tuned for final updates guys.  thanks for supporting us! 🙂

Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles
Thank you Tony Ellsworth and the crew for your support again this year.

Ellsworth Epiphany – Number 2 is ready

By on April 30, 2012

Leighton’s Ellsworth Epiphany is ready to roar. We took it out for a ride today and it is awesome. Very different feel to my long travel edition, it is more suited to Leighton’s motocross style riding, bunny hopping over everything he sees and flying up and down every hill he can find. All while i just cruise along taking in the scenery.

 yeah yeah yeah…i know.. what a load a baloney!! read motocross days It’s definitely a different feel though. Very very nimble and so light. It has turned out every bit as good as i anticipated.

Gibb Challenge 2011 Slideshow

By on April 30, 2012

Watch the Gibb Challenge 2011 Video here

226 kms on a mountain bike? In 13 hours?

By on April 26, 2012

A huge thank you to Ellsworth’s bikes for being so awesome and sponsoring Leighton and I again this year for the Gibb challenge. The awesomest bikes for the job


Immersive video – where are we at now?

By on February 23, 2012

I remember a time when i wanted to work in Virtual Reality.

No not like work IN it, but create VR products. Work in that line of work so to speak. I was obsessed. It was back when i was at Uni.

There was no such thing as the Internet , it was only the Arpanet back then and we use to hang out on Bulletin Boards (BBS) and talk via text based consoles

BBS -  the precursor to websites
Everything was text based, you had to drill down through heaps of directories to find the cool little file you wanted to download or FTP to your computer

We’ve come a long way hey?! hang on a minute, just got to answer this SMS errr text message.. yeah anyway ..

Windows had just come out and you could get a mouse to work with it if it was a Logitech 2 button one and you had the correct drivers for it (from a BBS) .

Windows 1 – revolutionary

Our Uni had 1 machine that could do 3d imaging at the time. It was about the same size as a modern day tower server, but cost $90k. I quit Uni shortly after to get a job and get married.

It was a few years later that i found out, that after about 30 minutes of playing the original version of Doom, i felt completely seasick and felt like fertilising the carpet.

Doom v1
hhhhwwhuupp… dry reaching already

I was never going to be the guy to test, let alone develop any revolutionary 3D VR headset that changed the whole world.

After all these years and all the technology advancements, someone has finally cracked it

360 experience
Completely undetectable, easy to wear…

We are in good hand guys… we can relax.. at least the vomit won’t mess up your carpet… aaaahhh progress

Gibb Challenge 2012

By on February 19, 2012

Yep, we like bikes, we like to ride bikes.. And every year, we prove it by riding though some pretty harsh but awesome countryside for charity.

My 14 year old son Leighton and I are riding the Gibb River Road this year as a relay. We are raising awareness and funds for “Food, Water, Shelter” and getting into the spirit of the whole event. Leighton is basing his year 10 School Project on the ride and has been doing some preparation for the event. Neither of us has been doing enough physical training, but that must change very soon. I have had bodgy ankles (read “Crankles”) and Leighton has had an ear infection, so we are alittle bit behind schedule. But nothing like an imovable deadline to get you cranking.

Dwellingup 100 early start today

By on August 21, 2011

I’m heading down to Dwellingup this morning for the reconnaissance session for the Dwellingup 100. I am very unprepared, but need to have a look at the circuit to guage difficulty for the event. My legs are pretty smashed from gardening yesterday (Hilly block, lots of dragging of branches etc) so will be interesting ride 🙂

Life on the bitumen – 80’s style

By on August 6, 2011

Due to popular demand (thanks Jason and Mel) and in no particular order, I will post more photos. They are obviously pre-digital and it seems pretty dark and i have no skills in photo restoration (geek is turned off at 6:00pm friday night) so bear with me, but i have some ripper shots of life in the 80’s on the bitumen.

Lyndon - Afternoon Break
Lyndon – Afternoon Break – Complete with Bee Gees hair do and awesome shorts!

The Road Trains used to totally blow us off the road so, we just opted to get way way off the road

Road Train
Road Train

Motocross days

By on August 6, 2011

Pretty hot piece of kit at the time. Air cooled, drum brakes 🙂 simplicity !

National Titles - Port Augusta