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In 2010, I had an epiphany

I realised that my life was out of balance. I was definitely stuck in a rut and I felt lethargic. It was affecting my work in the sense that I felt I was stuck in a rut. I didn’t have any energy to go the extra mile, even though I should have. I loved my job up until that point.

It was affecting my health, my weight, my self-confidence, how I felt about myself. I had high cholesterol. I was even having trouble sleeping, I noticed I hadn’t dreamt for many years.

My Choice

It affected my self-confidence and self-esteem needed to put myself out there. And so that affected relationships. It affected commitment, all sorts of things.

Getting active

So, I made a change. I dusted off my bike, jumped on my bike and started riding to work at that time. It may not sound like much, but it was for me at the time. It was a 25km ride in and 25km ride out and I just replaced my daily car commute with a bike commute. And oh, it was less than a week before I started noticing some changes. I noticed that I had more energy. I noticed I had something to look forward to before work. I loved riding and it rekindled something I’d forgotten about. I loved riding. When I was younger I’d raced professional motocross and then I got into endurance cycling. Big long bicycle trips. I’d put it aside. I’d put it aside for my work and relationships. I did what other people wanted me to do, thinking that was more important than getting myself happy. So I felt this instant change within a week and within 9 months I lost 17 kgs. And the difference wasn’t just physical. It wasn’t just the weight. It wasn’t the cholesterol. It was the self-esteem, I’d rekindled something. I’d reinvigorated my life just by getting active.

Somethings still missing

Again, life got in the way a bit and I started getting out of balance again. I started a job involving driving to work so it became difficult to keep the exercise up. Fast forward to the 1st of September 2016.

Mind blown

I’d organised a dinner at my friend’s restaurant with some friends. Sitting down with these 3 couple’s i realised something. These guys between them had achieved more in their lives than you would think was possible. Academic, sporting, organisational, philanthropic work, they’d achieved so many things. But it wasn’t just that stopped me in my tracks. It was the good natured humility that they did it in and the confidence to commit to things and complete them. It showed to me that they had nailed it. They had found a balance.

Towards the end of the evening, a dear friend looked at me, stole a glance at my slightly over size stomach and asked “Been riding much?” He knew the truth. I knew the truth. It had to change.


That was the 1st of September. I thought, Wow.  I have to learn their secrets. A few years earlier I had started a blog called Weekday Geek Weekend Adventure Freak. It was about the balance between an IT dude’s normal work week and doing crazy things on the weekend. As I’d started doing mountain bike races etc. So the 1st of September I decided I was going to do this and I was going to do this properly. I was going to find the answers, go on a quest to find how people find life balance. How do they do it?

My chosen passion is mountain bike riding so first up, I chose to interview 4 people that are into mountain biking. I am going to present these to you so you too can appreciate and understand the benefits a balanced life can bring. We have over 20 more extraordinary case studies to share after that. If that’s what you are here looking for then I hope that’s what we can deliver. So, buckle up, subscribe if you haven’t subscribed already and let’s get into this Extremely Balanced Lifestyle mindset. Where we can achieve fantastic things together. Thanks for joining us at


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