Motocross days

By on August 6, 2011

Pretty hot piece of kit at the time. Air cooled, drum brakes 🙂 simplicity !

National Titles - Port Augusta

Perth to Darwin – on a pushbike?

By on August 6, 2011

Want to ride from Perth to Darwin on a bike? and don’t know anyone that has done it? Welcome my new best friend, let me tell you a story about that very undertaking. It was a few years ago and bikes were heavy. I also had no idea what i was doing, so it is an interesting insight i bring. I will scan some photos in over the next few months and write some words to match. Please post a reply to this if you are interested in this trip and maybe i will do this before the motocross photos.

Lyndon River in the 80's
On the way to Darwin

I started out on a 7 year old Malvern Star 10 speed racer.. How was I to know I would keep riding straight past Geraldton, all the way to Darwin?

Dwellingup 100

By on July 16, 2011

I have registered for the Dwellingup 100. Need to get some kms into my legs between here and there. Since the Gibb River Challenge i have been out of routine and it is going to be a bit hard to get back into it. Anyone up for some rides?

Ellsworth Epiphany – the best bike i have ever ridden

By on May 22, 2011

Ok, so the Karunji track was tough.
We had bikes that broke chains and wheels fell off and punctures and rattles and clanks and bad gear changes and blokes getting thrown around all over the place.
 But my Ellsworth was the sweetest ride. It never missed a beat. I am so proud and thankful for Ellsworth’s support this year. They are great company and i wish them every success in this their 20 year anniversary year. May we do many more events together.
Ellsworth Epiphany - the best bike for riding all day in Mountan Bike Bliss
The Ellsworth never even looked like giving me any stress, she is made for this stuff.

Karunjie Track – Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

By on May 22, 2011

But where on earth is the track? What track ? We are riding purely on intuition. If you run into a mountain range, turn left. If you run into the river, turn right. easy!
Hard packed Clay
The variety of terrain was astounding

Spongey Karunjie – a picture paints a thousand expletives !

By on May 22, 2011

So when the organisers say the track is impassable, what exactly do they mean?
oh they mean you may as well push your bike for 82kms instead of ride it. [file note] Listen to the organisers Lyndon
We “ventured” forth and copped a nasty $100 fine each and had to cook breakfast for 400 people the next day, but word is, it was the best day of the week 🙂
Spongey Karunji
The Karunjie Track. Tough to walk, let alone ride..

First day on the road was wet but awesome. Perfect weather for riding.

By on May 22, 2011

Probably met about 20 new faces on the first day, chatting away as we made our way out of Derby.
It was a pretty fast and sometimes downhill run down the to the Fitzroy Crossing turnoff. Did i hear head wind? umm yeah
Cranking out the kms on the roads in the rain
Cranking out the kms on the roads in the rain

Good old days

By on May 4, 2011

Assuming a motocross position even in those days.
Still love my bikes
Going through the old photos tonight.. and seems the love affair with bikes started pretty early. check out the smile !

Ok , so i am a bike nut !

By on May 2, 2011

Someone asked me the other day if i ever get sick of riding bikes. I actually couldn’t even fathom the question. It is like asking whether i ever get sick of breathing? I have always ridden a bike. I think i had a skateboard only for a year when i was 13 because i had broken my bike, but i think i went back into bikes in an even bigger way. My one regret is that i didn’t even know you could race them, or i would have been right into that asap.  My love affair with bikes got to fever pitch when i rode from Perth to Darwin when i was 20 years old. Including the Gibb River Road, unsupported on a bike with no suspension and all my provisions including tent packed into my side bags. Maybe i will write a bit of history about how i got into bikes sometime. What do you think?
Is it not normal to have a downhill track in your front yard?
The house that we just moved into has an awessome downhill track in the front yard complete with 3 berms and a set of double jumps. It is one of the reasons i bought the house. Thanks Tony Tucknott, we love it! We also are just across the valley from the goat farm. mmm. location location location! i can watch the guys riding the downhill section while i eat breakfast.

A few road miles never hurt anyone

By on May 2, 2011

I went out for a 120 km ride on saturday and feel a bit worse for wear now. It was probably a bit faster pace than normal and it had been a big riding week. I did 70 kms on the mountain bike last saturday before which was stinking hot, in Beverley farmland, got seriously lost in the middle of nowhere and then had to ride 15 kms after i really already felt like i’d had enough . Then did about 50 on the sunday, which was awesome. Then i did a fast circuit of the goat farm on monday, then a 100 km road ride on tuesday. then commuted wednesday and and thursday to work 25 kms each way.. so when it came to saturday i think the legs said “geat real you wally” i want a  day off. Instead i battled through 120 kms. I am having the next few days off while i get ready to fly out to Broome for the Gibb River Challenge. i know i am ready, i can feel it 🙂

This is “Roadie” she and i have done about 8600 kms together since we installed a speedo, probably a 1000 odd before that. Most of these kms have been the 50 km round trip to work and back, but lately i have been doing a few shop rides and friendly rides with mates. She is a Giant TCR-1 Alliance half carbon half cromo.  She has been a great workhorse and never complains about anything i dish out to her. It has sort of replaced the fun rides i was doing on the mountain bike. Now the weather has changed, i think the mountain bike will become flavour of the month again.