Gibb River Challenge 2011 – latest updates

By on March 18, 2011

Hi all,

In May, I am riding 750 kms through the middle of Western Australian cattle station country along a corrugated gravel track for charity and would love any assistance I can get. Of course I will be doing this ride on my trusty Ellsworth Epiphany (it is her second time)  and would love to spread the word around about the gear I use! The reason i mention my bike is i just had some awesome news come through. Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles Inc in USA are supporting our fund raising with supply of their state of the art Mountain Bike wheels and Shirts. I am so wrapped with this support, and the quality of their gear. I can’t recommend it more highly. I have done several 24 hour, 12 hour and 6 hour events on my Ellsworth Epiphany and also blew everyone into the weeds last time on the Gibb on my “Ferrari of the firetrails” . Please forgive the poetic license 🙂 if you want to have the best there is off road, get an Ellsworth guys! can’t wait to check out their road bikes also 🙂

So I am still looking for financial and/or equipment support for the ride. I have a major sponsor opportunity on the support vehicle for $2000 which includes a large Product Placement stickers (or dee-cals for our US friends) on the side of my support vehicle (Toyota Landcruiser Troop carrier) You could even get naming rights for the whole effort for $5000. Team name could be “Team whatever your company name is” ! come on you know you want to!

The first day of cycling is 223 kms of corrugated gravel, rocks and sand, probably 13 hours in the saddle, NOT a pansy ride, so hope you guys will consider giving me a bit of love on this . Financial assistance may be in the form of cash or can be a pledge to support the charities I am raising money for.

The charities are Police Legacy and Food, Water, Shelter

The event website is

Hey, I completely understand if you guys get inundated with requests and can’t help in this instance, but I thought I would put it out there.  If you are lucky enough to be part of the inner sanctum of guys i call buddies, then you have probably already heard from my tour organizer, the totally amazing and persistent Jean beck AKA Mum.. she is working the phones and email to drum up some moola for the cause. Be nice to her, she is also 50% of my support crew, so she deserves a massive thank you too.

As far as training goes. You may or not know, that i have lost 13 kg’s since getting stuck into my training .. yep, i was 97 kg’s in September, now weighing in at 84kgs. change of diet, riding 50 kms per day and swimming and chinups, the weight is just falling off and i have had to get new clothes as everything falls off me. i have a target weight which i am not telling anyone as you may hold me to it, but the training goes up a notch this month, hoping to hit 500kms per week, with a few big 200 km days to perpare for the first day on the Gibb. 223kms on pea gravel.. come on guys send in your pledge, i am either a dead set legend or a dead set lunatic.. Mum, don’t answer that !!

Update soon on the freeway bike ride this weekend, team Trusttech is hitting the highway again and looks set to become a great day out for all.



Gibb River Challenge 2011

By on January 7, 2011


All the best for the new year all. Time to get stuck into training again for this years Gibb River Challenge through the Kimberley .

So, back on the road bike next week. I have been getting into running and swimming over christmas break instead of chocolates and shortbread like normal. I had forgotten how much i enjoy running. It was hard to get started, but i have lost 10 kg’s since october, so it is working out well. Sitting at 87kg’s at the moment and think 75 would be good target weight for the Gibb, unless i start losing too much off my legs, then may adjust that. Will be doing the 24 hour mountain bike race on January 22nd, this will be my first endurance event for a year. We won the 4 man team section of it last year, doing it solo this time will be interesting. Will give me an idea of how i am travelling. The first day of the Gibb challenge is 220 km’s so this will be a make or break day. If i survive that, i can go all week. Mate, have i got some work to do between now and May :-0 will try and keep this updated more regular.



Gibb River Challenge 2011

By on October 4, 2010

So, status update on the Gibb Challenge

I have organised a support crew, and 4wd for the event next year.  It is a pretty decked out Cruiser troupy, driven by my folks.  Comes with a bonus exceptional cook and bonus master bushman, who can make or fix anything with just about anything. I think we will be able to overcome any issues we come across on the way. Now i would like to get a heavy duty motorbike trailer which i can modify slightly to make it more suitable for carrying mountain bikes and spares. Budget is $1500, so i will need to look a quite a few to get the best solution. I started training last week and am feeling a bit worse for wear today. I commuted the 24kms each way for 4 days last week and then hit the bush tracks on the KTM on the weekend. very very stiff legs today. but i feel the excess weight sliding to the correct spots already.

i plan to do as many endurance MTB events as possible between now and next year. Starting with the Avanti 6 hour November 13th. let the good times begin.

till next we meet.


Gibb River Challenge 2011

By on September 29, 2010

I have decided to do the Challenge again next year. The big news is I am going to do it solo. I may try and find a partner to do it alongside me, but i plan to ride the whole distance unassisted. It just occured to me this week, that i can actually do this. I did it when i was 20 years old, without a support vehicle and on an Indi 500 Bush Bandit, real steel steed. Surely, i can nail this on my latest pride and joy, an Ellsworth Epiphany. So just for the record, can anyone that reads this let me know yay or nay, would you like to read a bit each week/month about how i prepare for the challenge?
till then.. Lyndon