Gibb River Road – Mountain bike challenge – Solo – yes we are crazy AND need your support

By on May 21, 2012

Just in case you haven’t heard, my 14 year old son, Leighton and I are riding in the Gibb Challenge again this year. We head off on Friday to Derby, to tackle the 750kms of rugged corrugated heartache known as the Gibb River Road, “Solo” as in, we ride the full distance in 5 days, on our mountain bikes.

Oh that's right, i remember the dust from last time.
Thanks Renewable Logic for you support last year

We are raising funds for 2 charities this year. Food, Water, Shelter and the Ryan Marron Foundation

I know you guys get approached all the time for contributions, as do I, but I thought I would ask if you could make a special exception for us as we are such great blokes and support us in our fund raising. We are very happy to promote your business or cause through speeches we give during the event, media interviews and blog posts on , wearing your t-shirts during presentations, and stickers on the vehicle if you have some. I believe it’s the first time a father and son have done this challenge solo.

226 kms on the first day.. you serious dad?!
226 kms on the first day.. you serious dad?!

We are stoked to have Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles and Liberty Bikes helping with the bikes. We are now looking for cash donations that can go directly to the charities. We are also very happy to receive expense donations to cover the costs to participate.

 You can anonymously donate at this web address but I certainly would love to talk to you about it if you want to be involved.

A great big thank you to Renewable Logic, Mirvac, LWP Property Group, Ellsworth, Trusttech, Launch Cameras, Chris Farquar and E3 for your huge support last year. We raised several thousands of dollars for charity.

Any help this year will be so totally awesome.

You can read a bit more about it here

and here

or give me a call on 0412 378910

“Weekday Geek Weekend Adventure Freak”

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