Pot head misses deadline

By on December 29, 2016

Hey all, you will never believe what happened? I missed the launch date! I was busy doing weird stuff like this.



Yeah, thanks Nick, Crocodile Trophy chef extraordinaire, for snapping me in all my glory. Clearly i was pre-occupied helping out at the  Crocodile Trophy again this year and couldn’t launch the podcasts as planned. I have other reasons for this. None of which singularly held me up, but the sum of it is, it became obvious I should wait. And I’m so glad i did. There’s so much inspiration, motivation, life changing stuff going on every day in my life that I’m just bursting with great news to share with you.


As far as progress goes, here’s whats been going on.

Firstly, I’ve  re-branded the website from “Weekday Geek Weekend Adventure Freak” to a simpler “AdventureFreak.com” making all sorts of things clearer. You’ll see that rolled out very soon. If you can check back regularly and let me know what you think of it, that’ll be tops.

Secondly, I’ve been invited to race the Belgium Mountain Bike Challenge in May by my good buddy Koenraad Vanschoren. Going to take on the legendary “Wall” amongst 8000 metres of climbing over 3 days. I will be chatting to Koenraad real soon about this phenomenal event.

Thirdly, I’ve engaged the awesome MTB coach Declan Von Dietze who is whipping my proverbial with all sorts of weird and not so wonderful workouts. My riding has improved out of sight in just one month. He’s my not so secret weapon for next years racing.

And, as always, I continue to meet other totally amazing people every day of my life. Changing me for the better. That’s just so exciting. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

Podcasts coming up

A recap. I’ve lined up some fantastic podcasts. On top of Koenraad joining the crew there is some local and and overseas talent.

I’m super stoked to hear from Andre “Whippin” Pepin from San Diego after he returns from Interbike in Vegas.

I’m just as stoked to have Leah “Wonder Vet” Montgomery from Vancouver share how she balances running 2 Veterinary practices and smashing Enduro races out of the park.

Can’t wait to hear from Bec and Mark “let’s just walk through the waist high water to dodge the Tiger Snakes” Frendo, now they’ve recovered from their 6 week Bibbulmun walk.

And then Caroline and Steve “what else can we possibly fit in our life?’ Bunton share how they balance busy family life with work and play.

I hope you agree, this slightly longer than anticipated delay is going to be worth the wait. Expect a completely new look and feel over the next few months and let me know your thoughts on Facebook or via email to geek@weekdaygeek.com.

This is Lyndon “that’s actually my real middle name” Beck signing off till next post. Man, got some amazing stuff to tell you already. See you out on the trails.


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